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Modular fence system ROMA Perfect

ROMA Perfect fences will be appreciated by enthusiasts of raw, ascetic aesthetics. Thanks to the SCRATCH technology, the blocks acquire an original, irregular form and a heterogeneous surface.

Scratch Technology is a unique method of processing concrete products, introduced as a novelty on the Polish market. The result of using SCRATCH technology is a unique, slightly striated surface texture, modeled on chiselled and pointed rock blocks, as well as an effect imitating the influence of nature and the passage of time.

Characteristic features of ROMA Perfect fences:

- unique, oblique scratches and chisels of varying depth,
- inhomogeneous surface of block walls,
- irregular edges and corners,
- aggregate exposure.

NOTE: Product features highlighted in the drawing must not be regarded as a defect. The aging of the blocks, their irregular form and surface (examples marked in the pictures) are the intended effect and cannot be the basis for a complaint.

Please, make a conscious decision to buy this fence.


Technical Drawings
Actual colours may vary from the colours on the photos
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