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Split fence system GORC® de Luxe GL22

Split fence system GORC® is company JONIEC’s original idea introduced to the Polish market in 2003. It refers to natural stone, which has been used in building for many years.

Concrete fence system GORC® de Luxe GL22 has original horizontal and vertical joints on the surface of split blocks, what gives unique charm to posts and foundations. The system consists of two-element blocks for building posts and blocks for foundations. The edges of the blocks are machinery split, what makes the arranged blocks create beautiful joints in between, which do not require pointing. As the name suggests – it is a product with split surface. The technology of mechanical splitting gives the blocks natural and unique twists, making the blocks look sophisticated and at the same time resemble natural sandstone.

The GORC® fence system has been awarded 3 times with the European Certificate QUALITY OF THE YEAR® in 2011, 2014 and 2016, in 2018 - HOME ZONE Certificate Quality and Reliability.




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