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Personalized letterboxes

Pass-through letterboxes with an illuminated property number, for a 19 to 25.5 cm post (SMZP, SMGP, SMDAP) and a 26 to 41 cm post (SDZP, SDGP, SDDAP).

Personalized boxes can be standard, with a bell button and with an analog intercom.


- SMZP, SMGP, SMDAP 285x385mm

- SDZP, SDGP, SDDAP 285x332mm


- SMZP, SMGP, SMDAP 241x45mm

- SDZP, SDGP, SDDAP 241x38mm


- external elements: brushed stainless steel

- sleeve: hot-dip galvanized sheet Inox

- backlight LED MODULE 3 diodes, waterproof IP68, power 0.72W / 12VDC

- cutting the numbering with TAHOMA font, character height: 55 mm (max. 5 characters), width max. cutting the numbering 210 mm NOTE

- the system requires supplementing with a 12V / 1A power supply (power supply is not included)




2 years from the production date

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